At the heart of it all, I’m an adventurer – a wanderer, an explorer, a dreamer. It all comes down to discovery – be it gazing up at the night sky emblazoned with light emitting from billions of galaxies.

By night, I take off on a different journey, heading for the depths of the stunning mountain wilderness that New Zealand is known for all around the world. Framed by stunning mountainous landscapes, I point my lens to the distance. When you’re away from the city, and away from all that encompasses urban life, you see things in a very different light – literally. You see stars like never before – whole galaxies gleaming in the distance, and suddenly you experience a combination of feeling both very insignificant, and incredibly lucky to be standing, frozen in time, staring into the distance and admiring a view that has taken aeons to conspire. Astrophotography has been a lifelong passion for me. The stars evoke a sense of freedom for me, and over the years, I’ve spent countless nights camped beneath the night sky, returning home with once-in-a-lifetime views that will be forever treasured as they adorn the walls of homes throughout the world.